Unknown-1.jpg Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Currently Resides: Unknown
Associated With: All things evil
Occupation: Creating Evil on Atarius
Rivals: Rosalina


The hooded figure who is called Unknown first appeared after the reformation of Atarius. His goals remain a secret but it is believed that he had something to do with the reforming of the planet. Whatever his intentions, Unknown seems to align himself with the darker residents of Atarius, using their evil for his own means. He has remained a thorn in Rosalina's side since appearing and has begun to form his own team of villains to help take on her forces of good.

For years, Unknown has done research on the planet, doing his best to try and figure out what happened to Atarius to create the explosion that changed the face of the world forever. Tessa’s magic was holding it all together, but he wanted to know what had caused the explosion. Unknown has never been able to locate the true origin of the explosion, so for years now, he has attempted to bring the different realms and lands back together. Unknown knows that in doing so he could bring about another Apocalypse, but his past compels him to discover what happened.

In Unknown’s studies, he has discovered that a large explosion, taking place near the center of the world, was the reason for Atarius’s destruction. The Dead Sea or at least the area below the Dead Sea was the place where it started and the place where the world burst open. Unknown travelled to the Dead Sea, sailing through the vastness of fog and easily vanquished any enemies along the way, and when he arrived he found something that disturbed even him. Once arriving, the fog that was so thick surrounding the area, was gone once he stepped on land. An eerie feeling crept up his spine, instantly making Unknown realize why they call it the Dead Sea. As Unknown progressed inward, towards the large cave opening that was at the front of the gigantic island-like mass of land, it was almost as if he could feel the pain of the world residing within the stone of the cave. Unknown could hear faint screams and the cold chill of death was abundant, and yet there was no one around for miles to make any such noise. As his eyes became used to the semi-darkness of the cave, he could make out something ahead of him, something that seemed to have been put there by someone, or something. Unknown moved forward and found a large pedestal with 6 different slots on the top of the pedestal and then a large slit was in the middle of the other holes. He reached out to touch it and as soon as his hand touched the pedestal he was shown vivid images of colors, dragons, and then death and destruction. Unknown was thrown backwards and he landed against the cave wall, stunned and confused.

Unknown returned to his realm, still confused and unsure of what had happened. He recalled the visions, focusing more on the dragons that had appeared than the screams. He had heard screams before and he was sure he would hear them again. The Dragons on the other hand were something he had never encountered. Unknown delved into his own past trying to recall anything like the events he had witnessed while the Ivory Kingdom flourished, but to his distain, he could recall nothing. Unknown knew that he had to figure out what the visions meant and until then, he would find no answers and stop at nothing until he did.

After that day at the Dead Sea, a long stretch of time passed before Unknown was able to find anything about the visions he had seen. During Unknown’s search he had stumbled upon dozens of rumors, one pertaining to the legendary lost Oblivion, a blade said to behold unimaginable powers and allow the user to have access to Atarius’s history. This immediately sent Unknown searching for this blade, and after years of searching, Unknown found the lost blade, the Oblivion. It took a while, but eventually Unknown unlocked the deepest and most powerful magic within, the ability to see into the past. Unknown knew that with this blade he could accomplish his goal and figure out what had caused Atarius to explode, but when he dabbled into the history of Atarius, he found clouded answers, shrouded by darkness and mystery. The blade apparently was not fully able to reveal the true history, but it did provide clues to what the visions referred to, at least regarding the Dragons. Apparently on the continent of El Nido there were 6 Dragons that once resided there and the people worshiped, but now that the world had been separated he did not know where to look.

Eventually after looking long and hard and spending every waking moment searching for anything that would lead him to one of the Dragons, he finally found a glimmer of hope. On one of the land masses he travelled too, he found a village amidst the vast jungles that worshiped the Wind Dragon. As he talked with the elders, they spoke of the day when the Wind Dragon appeared on their lands and since then they have paid tribute to the Dragon, in hopes of it not destroying their village and because it protected them from hard. The elders spoke about an asteroid that was heading for their continent, but the magic of the Wind Dragon protected them as it caused it to explode before it reached the continent. Unknown took great interest in this story and crept up to top of the mountain where the people said the Wind Dragon resided and there he found a great white dragon. Unknown recognized this dragon from his visions and instead of going to confront the mystical beast, he crept back down the mountain and left the continent altogether.

After a long process of thought, Unknown decided that in order to find all of the Dragons, it would be simpler to bring the planets together instead of trying to go and search for all of the Dragons. So the process began, and here is where the path that Unknown has walked became unapproved in the eyes of Rosalina and her Lumas. Unknown wanted to bring the planets together, even if it meant risking another Apocalypse, while Rosalina wanted to preserve the magic of Tessa which had brought the planet peace and prosperity.

In the Present

Unknown remains a thorn in Rosalina's side and now he has appeared before Rosalina and told her about his plans. Since the arrival of the Dragons on Atarius, Unknown has made it his #1 priority to vanquish these mystical beasts and uncover the origins of the planet in the region known as the Dead Sea.

Powers and Abilities

Little is known about the extent of his abilities. He has shown an understanding of magic and potentially endless spells from ancient times.



Unknown's greatest weapon is the Oblivion Keyblade. Like Rosalina's Oathkeeper, the Oblivion is a relic of the original Atarius, and possesses great power. Among it's incredible feats, the ability to open portals, summon creatures of the dark, and alter reality are the most common.

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