Sonic The Hedgehog
sonic-20071010-135327.jpg Real Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 16
Race: Hedgehog
Birthplace: Earth
Currently Resides: Tails's Workshop in the Mystic Ruins
Associated With: G.U.N.
Occupation: Hero, full time
NPCs: Tails, Knuckles, Amy…just about all Sonic characters…
Rivals: Shadow the Hedgehog


As long as Sonic can remember, he's been fighting against Dr. Eggman and foiling his plots for world domination and the creation of Eggmanland. Oftentimes joined by his best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic is always ready to stop the mad scientist whenever and wherever he strikes.

When Atarius first formed, Sonic set out on his own to travel the planet, hoping to get a feel for each city in case Eggman decided to attack someplace besides wherever Sonic was at the moment.

He found his first defeat at the hands of Magus in the city of Burmecia, a place enveloped in eternal rain. Though he did lose, he managed to save the life of Freya Crescent, an inhabitant and soldier of Burmecia.

Due to a misunderstanding, Tails's plane, the Tornado, was shot down while Tails and Amy Rose were en route to the Mushroom Kingdom. Sonic, preferring to travel on his own two feet, was a witness to this, and he attacked John Shepard.

After the battle between the two, Sonic found that his friends were okay. They were shielded from the cannon blast through use of the Chaos Emerald Tails had installed on the plane, though this shield knocked out the power and the plane plummeted to the ground, but Tails was able to grab Amy and jump out before collision, and he lowered the two to safety.

Sonic went with Shepard to a lab called Chronopolis, where he met the ex-antique store owner Miyu. The three groups went through introductions, and agreed to become allies, and to help each other if needed.

Sonic and Shepard then traveled to Egypt, following an energy signal caused by a Chaos Emerald, though they believed at first it was caused by John's target, Saren. The two of them fought the succubus Morrigan and the assassin Angel, and came out victorious. Though they didn't find Saren, Sonic was able to snatch the red Chaos Emerald during the fight.

Some time passed, and Sonic found himself working together with the other heroes of Atarius to stop the rampaging Demon Elephant that was attacking Bone Village. Though Sonic was defeated by the creature, the good guys won against it through the help of Rosalina, and Sonic learned of a tournament that would take place a week later in Silent Hill.

The week leading to the tournament found Sonic training intensely, though it was in vain. He was defeated, too, but left the tournament feeling refreshed. He returned home with Tails, and the next day, they found the mystical Angel Island after it had crashed into the ocean. With Knuckles and the Master Emerald missing, the two enlisted the help of Rouge to track down Dr. Eggman, who had been far too quiet since Atarius reformed.

Powers and Abilities

Sonic's main strength is his ability to move at the speed of sound. Added to that, he can also curl into a ball and either smash or slice through things while spinning. He is unable to swim.

Upon collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic is able to ascend to his Super form. His blue fur turns into a shiny golden-yellow color, and his eyes change from green to red. His abilities multiply in both strength and speed, and he becomes immune to damage. He still has to worry about breathing while in this state, however, and drowning is still a big weakness of his. To counter this, while in his Super form, he is able to fly.


Nothing, aside from Chaos Emeralds whenever he finds them. He is also adept at finding objects to use as a makeshift shield.

Player Information

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