Princess_Rosalina.jpg Real Name: Rosalina
Age: Unknown
Race: Alien
Birthplace: Original Atarius
Currently Resides: Her floating palace that hangs above Atarius
Associated With: The Lumas
Occupation: Sole Protector of Atarius
Rivals: Unknown


Rosalina's sister gave her life to save the original Atarius. Although her spell would not be able to contain the planet's original form, it protected the people who lived there, and formed a new universe of seperate planets. Rosalina is the only surviver of her family and has taken it upon herself to make sure that those planets formed by her Sister's final spell remain safe.


During her travels through space, Rosalina met a rare race of stars known as Lumas. Together, they traveled through the newly formed planets and watched over each of them. Among these stars is Polari, Rosalina's most trusted adviser and one of the eldest Lumas. He knows all about the observatory, and guides everyone through the map of Atarius. Polari is very protective of Princess Rosalina.

Things grew incredibly quiet and everyone was at peace for several centries. Then, without warning, the planets began to disappear from existence. Rosalina and her team of Lumas flew to the end of the universe where they found the planet of Atarius newly formed. Something or someone was reforming Rosalina's homeworld, in the process, removing the ones that were born from it.

Only recently has Rosalina been able to gather clues as to how the planet was reformed. A mysterious figure has appeared on Atarius, wielding a keyblade not unlike Rosalina's own. Taking it upon herself once more, Rosalina has rallied a group of pure individuals to help her save the planet that she has already lost to evil once. The outcome of this war uncertain as of now.

Powers and Abilities

Rosalina possesses the ability to harness white light in imaginative ways. Passive in nature, the light beams are most often formed into shields or used to carry people. These unique abilities are thought to be possible due to her merger with a Luma.



Rosalina carries one of two sacred weapons from the old Atarius. The Oathkeeper is a magnificant blade made of pure light that acts as a balancing force to all evil in the universe. Among it's multitude of abilities, the Oathkeeper Keyblade can open portals, summon holy creatures, and alter reality.

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