Reiko_Wiki.jpg Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Birthplace: Nether Realm
Currently Resides: In Outworld
Associated With: The Brotherhood of Shadows, Shao Kahn
Occupation: General to Shao Kahn's Army
NPCs: Noob Saibot, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi
Rivals: Quan Chi


Not much is known about Reiko, save that his primary occupation is that of a general. In this capacity, he has served both Shinnok and Shao Kahn. He has also served as a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow. During Shinnok's war against the Elder Gods, he was presumed killed. He later resurfaced during the time of the 4th Mortal Kombat Tournament, but after Shinnok was defeated, he disappeared once again. He later emerged in Shao Kahn's army, to whom he has served until now.


Powers and Abilities

Reiko's powers are currently undefined. He has shown great prowess as a hand to hand fighter, appears to be nimble and agile, as well as display potential for dark magic.


His favorite weapons to use in combat are his serrated shurikens and his trusty Crude Hammer. Although modified slightly for personal tastes, Reiko's hammer was made to imitate his master's own weapon of choice.

Player Information

Name: Justin Pierce
Nickname: Jman, Bossman
Age: 25
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Student at the Savannah College for Art and Design
eMail: moc.gprsp|nitsuj#moc.gprsp|nitsuj
AIM Username: RememberYurRoots

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