Lynx-1.jpg Real Name: Lynx
Age: Unknown
Race: Demi-human
Birthplace: Chronopolis
Currently Resides: Marbule
Associated With:Black Dragon
Occupation: Slave of FATE
NPCs: Ozzie, Flea, and Slash
Rivals: FATE, Viper and his Dragoons


Lynx was once a slave and servant of the entity of FATE and he fueded and battled with Serge and his allies. Lynx, the Hand of FATE, was able to carry out FATE's plans but a shift in time allowed the 6 legendary dragons to create the 7th dragon, Harle the Lunar Dragon, and FATE and Lynx were decieved by her actions, which ultimately resulted in the temporary destruction of FATE. Now, FATE has been restored and her power has returned, and she wishes to exact revenge over the Dragons and plans to use Lynx to finish them off for good.

Lynx has always remained a loyal servant to her cause and would gladly do anything she asks of him, but his most recent trip to Makai allowed him to feel what it was like to be a a whole being and free to do what he pleases. Lynx won the Shard of Death in the Silent Hill tournament and was given the prized possession by Unknown himself, and from this, he was able to make cotact with the Black Dragon of Marbule. Lynx became angered and through manipulation the Dragon was able to coax out of him that his true desire was to be free of FATE's bond of him, and to personally destroy the entity of FATE permanently. Now, the Black Dragon and Lynx are beginning to formulate their own plans to see that desire through.

Powers and Abilities

Lynx uses Black or Dark magic and is able to draw from the spirit world to conjure up demons to aid him in his combats. Lynx's techniques range from a basic air attack using his scythe which he calls his Glidehook technique, and it delivers a powerful attack to one opponent. Lynx also possesses another technique which he calls on his demonic powers to summon demon-panthers within a dark cloud and upon his command the panthers rush forward and rip apart any opponent unlucky enough to be caught in the path. Lynx's most devastating technique sends all of Lynx's opponents into a seperate realm and once all opponents are in the vortex, Lynx drains all of the energy from the vortex and it implodes upon itself, destroying anything and everything caught inside the vortex and expelling them back onto the field of combat, where most do not survive; the Forever Zero technique.

Lynx has also begun to delve into darker abilities and currently he is capable of using a Dark Blast attack that deals extensive damage and Blinds the opponent for a short period of time.



Lynx uses a scythe intricately and carefully designed to suit the demi-human. Lynx uses his scythe very efficiently, often being able to maintain his strength and finesse with just one hand, while leaving his other hand free to do whatever else is needed. Lynx also wields a small dagger which was used to stab Kid in his previous time on Atarius, and it is safely sheathed on his belt, but his primary weapon is the scythe.

Lynx has a goal set in mind for a more advanced weapon, and soon, his quest for the item will begin, and after he aquires the legendary item, all that stand in his way will perish.

Player Information

Name: Ben
Nickname: Ben??
Age: 20
Location: Alabama
Occupation: Student/Pharmacy Tech
eMail: moc.gprsp|neB#moc.gprsp|neB
AIM Username: Oh No Its Lu Bu

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