Lumas are Star-like creatures that appear as a friendly species, fighting alongside Rosalina. Unlike most Stars, they have a tear drop-like shape, and come in many colors. Lumas boast the ability to transform, from minor objects to entire galaxies. They seem to acknowledge Princess Rosalina as their "mama". Most of them make their home in her Comet Observatory that looms over Atarius.

Powers and Abilities

Lumas come in a multitude of colors, each possessing a different and unique ability. All species of Luma have the ability to bond to a host and grant that person great powers from the universe. These powers will also vary depending on the type of Luma that they bond with.

Luma_Yellow.png Luma_Red.png Luma_Green.png
Luma_Blue.png The Different Kinds of Lumas Luma_Black.png
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