Race: Burmecian
Birthplace: Gizamaluke's Grotto
Currently Resides: Traveling
Associated With: Burmecia, Rugal
Occupation: Burmecian Diplomatic Representative
NPCs: Rikku, May, Nakoruru
Rivals: To be updated


Freya's history is one torn with despair. At one time she was happy, respected, and romantically linked with the strongest warrior in the realm, Irontail Fratley. This all changed when that warrior left on a journey to test his spear against the strongest in the world. Months went by with no word from her lover until Freya could tolerant it no more. Lifting her spear when went on a quest of her own to find her lost love. Three years later she returned home only to see both Burmecia and their sister city Cleyra destroyed. After this she joined a group and gained revenge against the people who destroyed her home and found her love, albeit without his memory intact. Not too long after this Atarius was created and the lovers were split once again. Now Freya represents the recovering Burmecia to the new world of Atarius as their diplomatic representative, even though it is just a front in her eyes to hunt for Fratley.

Powers and Abilities

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Player Information

Name: Daren
Nickname: D
Age: 23
Location: Wilmington, NC
Occupation: Jobless graduate atm
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