Age: 25
Race: Half Human, Half Devil
Birthplace: Unknown
Currently Resides: Devil May Cry shop in New York
Associated With: Devil May Cry
Occupation: Devil Hunter/Bounty Hunter for the Occult
NPCs: Trish, Lady, Vergil
Rivals: Mundus, Vergil


After Atarius formed, Dante re-set up his shop and continued to hunt devils, partly to find out more about his father Sparda, and partly just to keep paying rent.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced strength, speed, and agility thanks to his devil blood.


Rebellion- Modified broadsword he received from his father.
Ebony and Ivory- Hand made handguns Dante keeps on his person at all times.

Player Information

Name: Blake Hunt
Nickname: Bluko, Blake-O
Age: 24
Location: Virginia
Occupation: Working Writer
eMail: moc.liamg|tnuhtekalb#moc.liamg|tnuhtekalb
AIM Username: PsiGuyBluko

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