The Planet of Atarius


In the Beginning

Many aeons ago, the Multiverse, or what is now the Multiverse, was a single entity and all the races of the universe lived on one single planet. Much like any multi-racial planet, confrontations arose with power, and many tyrants waged war on the planet, some prevailing, some failing. Some of parts and places on the planet remained scarred and devastated from the previous wars, while other places flourished through victory and triumph. For nearly a decade though, peace prevailed across the planet and the world had come to be unanimously united under the rule of a beloved king and queen. The two ruled with grace, and once again, the honor and status of being royalty was brought back, and no longer did poverty and sadness grip the world, but happiness and prosperity. Though peace and happiness did reign in the world, a darker force was growing.. and not one soul on the planet knew about it.

With no warning, the ground began to shake all over the world, from the lowest point in the seas, to the highest tip of the mountains, and as the shaking began to increase, so did the fear of all who lived on the planet. Cracks began to form on the ground, and soon, panic and fear plunged the planet into chaos. The king and queen were the only two who seemed be keeping their cool, but that was because it was their duty to remain calm in a state of crisis, but deep down, neither one had a good feeling about the events that were taking place. Their messengers began to burst into the throne room, telling them of horrible events that had occurred around the world, from cities being swallowed whole by huge crevices, to the seas beginning to boil causing all living things to die. The planet was dying, and although no one knew why, it seemed inevitable that the end was nearing.

The queen looked at her husband and in her heart she knew that her magic was perhaps the only thing that could save the planet, but she also knew that it would mean she and her husband both would die. The queen and her husband talked it over quickly and they agreed that their sacrifice would mean hope for the future. They sent their royal court away from the throne room, and told them to flee the city and take every one they could with them, because the spell, while it would be the spell that would save the plabet, it would also destroy everything around the area. Minutes passed and the throne room emptied, and while the queen and king knew that their efforts would hopefully save the planet, the other people around the world remained unsure and uncertain of their futures. Darkness had begun to consume the world, and soon the planet would totally die, killing all that inhabitated it.

The queen and king said their goodbyes and then the queen made her way to the middle of the throne room and began concentrating all of her energy onto this final spell. Her magic was legendary, and today she knew she was the only one who could invoke such a powerful spell. The king sat in total silence as he watched his beloved wife hold her hands up high as swirls of white and blue energy began to form around her body. The energy began to fill the room and soon it seemed as if the king could reach out and touch the swirls that were flowing around his wife, and then as if the spell had never been cast, all of the energy lit up and rushed inside the queen. The king looked at his wife and as she turned her head and gazed back into his eyes, she gave one final nod, and then closed her eyes as she was lifted into the air. With her body suspended in mid air, she released the energy with one final scream, and a vertical line of energy shot through the air and down into the ground.

The king watched as the line of energy began to swirl, eventually creating a cylindrical type barrier around his wife's body, and then with a force never witnessed before, the cylinder broke, and the magic flowed over the planet. The spell encased the planet, and just as the spell was cast, the planet died, and with a sudden rush of energy, the planet exploded. The pieces scattered into to universe, but the spell did what it was supposed to, preserving the pieces and all life that was inhabitated on each piece. The mysterious entity or force that had tried so hard to destroy the planet, may have thought it had accomplished its goal, but the spell prevented it from happening, and through the queen's sacrifice, the Multiverse was created.

Now, in the present, the sister of the queen, Rosalina, who was saved from explosion, and the race of Lumas serve as protectors of the Multiverse, doing their best to keep the magic of the queen in tact. Unfortunately, Rosalina and the Lumas could only do so much, and a mysterious force has been bringing the pieces of the old planet back together. The new planet, Atarius, is the result of the mysterious force, and thus the planet is full of many different races, people, and creatures, all protected and ruled by Rosalina and the Lumas.

Legends have been passed down about items that would allow worlds to be locked or unlocked, but no such items had ever been found, with many searching their entire lives to find them. Recently though, one of the items was found and the item was taken to Rosalina. Rosalina immediately knew of its value and worth and while the joyous occasion should have been a day of celebrations because now she could ensure that the Multiverse would remain in tact, she knew in her heart that someone, or something, obtained the other item, which would explain Atarius being put back together. Rosalina held the Oathkeeper in her hands and to herself made a solemn vow that she would do whatever she could within her power to protect the planet against evil, in order to preserve life among Atarius and to ensure the sacrifice of her sister would not be in vain.

The Map of Atarius
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