Angel-2.jpg Real Name: Angel
Age: 21
Race: Human
Birthplace: Mexico
Currently Resides: New York City
Associated With: NESTS
Occupation: Field Agent/Operative, Assassin
Original NPC's: Various NESTS Agents
NPC's: Nina Williams, Arthur, Eden, K9999
Rivals: N/a
Allies: N/a


Angel used to be one NESTS favorable operatives, until she failed in a mission to kill Kula Diamond, along with K9999. As a result, she has been put at the bottom of the tier of agents. Additionally, she is currently being bombarded with pointless missions to frustrate//annoy her in an attempt to get her to leave the organization. [Or do something stupid enough to get her kicked out or killed.] One of the random missions she was sent on was to steal painting from The Louvre so that Eden could display it in her office.

Angel has been assigned to retrieve four trinkets that are said to control the four elements; Wind - Monsoon Pendant, Water - Undine Bracelet, Fire - Ring of Flames, and Earth - Botanical Blade. With the help of friend and confidant Ben, they have managed to hunt down the fabled relics of great power.
She had successfully retrieved the four objects, but lost them when faced with the final trial of defeating two more guardians not representative to the elements the weapons grant the owner control over. As a result, the four relics dispersed to new hiding places. That is, all except the Undine Bracelet she never took off.

Also during this time, Angel accepted a deal with Morrigan to care for Anita in exchange for future services. When the emerald haired Succubus came to reclaim the child, it created some tension between her and Ben, who aided her in caring for Anita.


Arthur - Acting President of NESTS. [Married to Eden.]

Eden - Acting VP of NESTS. [Married to Arthur.]

Nina Williams - She is one of NESTS top agents, and helps in training new operatives//recruits.

K9999 - One of Angel's former partners, K9999 is very rude and brash; in fact, most people cannot stand him. He has an anamorphic arm that he can transform into whatever he wishes. He has been known to produce shields, whips, blades, and firearms.

Original NPC's

Benjamin 'Ben' Compton - He's Angel's closest friend, and one of NESTS intelligence operatives. He is highly skilled with computers and technology. He has the ability to communicate with and control machines, and can access the internet and programs without an actual computer. [His eyes glow a bright yellow when his powers are active, and he enters a meditation-like state, though is still aware of what is going on around him.]

William Allister - Head of the assignments office, has a general knowledge of all operatives and missions stationed in the New York area.

Julius Sheppard - He is currently one of NESTS top male operatives, extremely flirtatious, and partner to Nina Williams. He is highly skilled in both armed and unarmed combat; he is known to be an expert marksman and well versed in the ways of the sword. He recently underwent a procedure that granted him the ability to duplicate himself twice. [So, at any given time, there could be 3 Jules Sheppards running around.]

Powers and Abilities

Angel doesn't actually have any powers what-so-ever. Instead, she is well trained in the art of unarmed combat; she dabbles a little in various fighting styles. [Though, she has mastered none of them as of yet.]
Angel is somewhat skilled with minor weapons, such as daggers or a hand gun. Larger weapons are little more of challenge for her, though she is training with various different weapons.


Angel utilizes an array of gadgets and weapons depending on what job she's currently undertaking. One weapon in particular that she usually carries with her is a crystalline dagger that she kept as a keepsake from the Bone Village Raid that she lifted from the 'Knights Of The Round' that she faced off against.

When in New York, she usually gets around on her motorcycle, her preferred mode of transportation.

Player Information

Name: Cisco
Age: 19
Location: Texas

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